• Jill Geddes from Ottawa lost her Canadian passport with US E-1 visa inside twice in a row within half a year and we helped her with her US E-1 Replacement Application and got approved on January 17, 2017.  Below is the testimony from her:

“Weijun was an absolute pleasure to work with! She is smart, capable, responsive, professional, and empathetic to her clients going through stressful situations. I would highly recommend working with her and in fact I asked her if she practiced any other law as she’s an incredible consultant and I would love the opportunity to work with her again.” Jill Geddes, Partner, Trillium Teams Inc. — Ottawa, Ontario

  • I was referred to Wanda Ji by a lawyer friend of mine for my LMIA application in February 2017. From consultation to finally get my LMIA approval letter, Wanda guided me step by step thoroughly with patience. She is professional and knowledgeable and I could not thank her enough for helping me out. Will definitely refer her incredible services to others! — Frank Dalley
  • I can’t thank my immigration consultant, Wanda Ji, enough for getting my permanent resident status approved this month under spousal sponsorship after my case was screwed up by a so-called BIG Law Firm. It has been a very hard work for her to deal with my case for the last three years. However, she has patiently assisted me in every step with her knowledgeable experience. She is empathetic to me going through stressful situations. I would highly recommend working with her! — Yan Ding
  • I was referred to Wanda Ji by a friend for my visitor status extension application in late December 2017.  The IRCC online average processing time was 118 days and I could not believe that I got my Visitor Record Approval Letter in 18 days including Christmas and New Year Holidays.  Unbelievable and highly recommend her services! — Min Shao
  • Before retaining Wanda Ji’s service for my P.R application under Caring for Children Class, I was with an immigration law office who has been in the field for more than 25 years.  They kept delaying my application submission for unknown reason to the point I decided to terminate their service on my file.  Through a church friend’s recommendation, I retained Wanda Ji’s service in late November 2017 and within four days, I got my eligibility approval letter and received my file completion letter from IRCC within two months, which usually will take at least three months according to IRCC’s processing time.  What an amazing experience I have had with my immigration consultant, Wanda Ji.  I would definitely recommend her outstanding services to others! — Lili Liu