International Students

A foreign national may be permitted to study at a Canadian university, college, secondary school or primary school or take any course of academic, professional or vocational training. A study permit is usually required unless under certain circumstances such as the duration of the course or program is not longer than 6 months and will be completed within the period authorized for their stay in Canada.

Please note: a study permit should not be called a “student visa”, which does not exist.

In most cases, a study permit has to be applied for at a visa office outside Canada. If a foreign national who applies for a study permit requires a temporary resident visa to enter Canada, it is not necessary to make a separate visa application; an officer will issue the visa at the same time as the study permit.

If a foreign national arrives at a port of entry without a study permit approval or application and intends to study in Canada, he/she may be subject to an exclusion order that prohibits him/her from entering Canada for a year without a return authorization. If a temporary resident engages in unauthorized study in Canada, he/she may be subject to an exclusion order.

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