Notary, Commissioner of Oaths and Translation Services

We provide Notarization, Commissioner of Oaths and Translation services for Canadian immigration related documents for your submission to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and financial/legal related documents for your submission to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

1. Some most common documents are:

Passport Stamps for PR Card Renewal and Immigration Application:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Family Relationship Certificate
  • Personal Record Certificate
  • Invitation Letters
  • Child Travel Consent
  • Driver’s License
  • Common-law declaration
  • National ID
  • Investment Certificates, Property Deeds, Bank Statements, Tax Documents
  • Other foreign language documents that need to be translated into English

2. Service Fees:

  • Commissioner of Oath: $35 per page (discount available for 3 or more pages);
  • Translation and certification: Starting from $60 per copy;
  • Translation, certified true copy, and statutory declaration of Passports: Starting from $90 per passport (translation of all languages stamps);
  • ATIO (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario) Translations (Foreign Criminal Record and Birth Certificates usually required ATIO translations): Starting from $80 per copy.

3. Standard of our services:

All documents are translated by a professional translator and certified by our licensed Canadian immigration Consultant (RCIC) for your submission to CIC, or other professional use.

4. Languages provided for our translation services:

Chinese, French, Korean, Persian, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Italian, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, German, Russian, Portuguese.

If you need our service in this regard, please contact our service hotline at (647)797-2318 or send email to today!