Consultation & Assessment

Consultation is recommended to clients who:

  • have general or specific questions about the immigration process.
  • are uncertain about the eligibility for a specific immigration category.
  • would like to plan and prepare for an immigration application in the near future.
  • have had their temporary residence visas or permanent residence applications refused.
  • have legal questions, including but not limited to inadmissibility, refusals, appeals, humanitarian and compassionate ground, refugee claims, residency obligation, etc…

Schedule a consultation if you do not know how to proceed with an application or even if you qualify to apply and would like professional guidance and a second opinion.

Methods to book Consultation:

  • Calling our service hotline: (647) 797-2318
  • Send email to
  • In-person visit: by appointment ONLY
  • Via Skype

Upon booking your consultation, we will send you an information form, please fill it out in full and email it back to us along with relevant documents before your consultation.

Notes :

  • For clients who can’t visit in person, we require a payment to book your consultation.
  • For clients who can’t keep their booked appointment, please provide at least 48 hours notice to avoid any charges.

Consultation Fee:

The consultation provided by our licensed immigration consultant or lawyer is a paid service. If you have general enquirers, please query related government agencies and websites or publications.

If you have not signed a retainer agreement with us and would like to have a in-depth consultation about your case, please Contact Us and choose “30 MIN Appointment” or “60 MIN Appointment” Button in the Payment Methods page to pay your consultation fee in advance.

  • For 30 Minutes Consultation: CAD75.00
  • For 60 Minutes Consultation: CAD150.00

Notes :

The consultation fee of over $500 can be applied towards the total service fee, if you decide to retain us for cases over $2,000 and a payment method other than credit card is used. All clients will be required to sign initial consultation agreement.

Purpose of a Consultation:

Our experienced immigration consultant will analyze your situation:

  • Determine the best category for your application for the highest chance of success for any type of situation.
  • Assess your eligibility under the appropriate category.
  • Discuss any obstacles that may hinder your application and determine the best solution to overcome them.
  • Determine the best next step if you have applied either on your own or with another representative and there is a problem with your application.
  • Offer a second opinion on applications already in process and determine the best way to proceed: a) whether to submit additional information, b) withdraw the application, or c) wait for a decision.

What is not discussed during a Consultation?

  • Applications and supporting documents are not normally reviewed during a consultation. However, the immigration consultant who is conducting your consultation may ask you for information about specific documents at his or her discretion.
  • The immigration consultant does not assist with filling out application forms during a consultation.
  • The immigration consultant does not give clients a document checklist for any type of application during a consultation. If you choose to retain Viaus Immigration Consulting Services to assist you with your application, a document checklist will be provided to you at that time.

Honesty & Integrity

If we feel that you are not eligible to make a successful application, we will be honest and upfront in our consultation with you. You will not be left with false hopes or spend money needlessly.

Future Direction & Options

We will advise you on future steps to improve your standing if you don’t currently qualify. We may also advise you on alternative programs that you may better qualify for.

Value For Money

From our experience conducting consultations, clients leave with a feeling of relief, knowing that they have told their story to a professional and have a clearer direction on how to proceed. Clients generally feel a consultation is a great investment which saves them time, money, and headaches in the future.

Viaus Immigration Consulting Services ensures that all information clients shared with us will be kept confidential and only used to assess your application eligibility and immigration application. Under any circumstances, we will not disclose or sell this information to any third party outside of our organization.

Avoid the refusal of your application due to filling of the forms without knowledge of the law. Once an application is refused, a permanent record is created. Seek professional help from an experienced, ICCRC certified consultant. Get help by contacting our service hotline at @ (647)797-2318 or email to to book a consultation today!